Quest for an accidental finding on Doge NFTs.

Part 1: About me!

I'm a noob coder since 1999 that love do things that no one thinks, I try to invent new silly ways to reinvent the wheel.
In 2021 after an "annoying" client/friend that ironicly also has a literal ironic/satiric t-shirts about a blue dog in Portugal, push me to learn cryptocurrency, I started with bitcoin, in February or March.

After a few weeks trying to learn and code a trading bot, I found out about Doge in some YouTubers and on Memes, and my first reaction was, "Its silly, don't make sense", and I ignored.

Then I started to see the greedy community of Bitcoin and I didn't like it and started to see the hype around Dogecoin and I invested, after that came SNL and all the fuzz we know until today publicly.

I could not sit down and see my investment in looses, so I tried first to troll and making memes with Doge, and I saw that there was really emotions on each person, trying to do something but did not know how, was wen I found out about Billy Markus, and tried to interact with all community, and actually help all.

Part 2: Cant sit down and watch!

So, in November 2021 I try to learn how to interact with the Dogecoin Blockchain asking Ross and Patrick questions, and after some time I did my first connection, I was super happy. Then saw all shibes trying to make nodes to upgrade to new version of Dogecoin Core Wallet and I talk with some shibes and started to code the Doge Nodes Map ( because was the funniest thing I remember to do. I was at that time in the hospital with my litle girl for 5 days because to get oxygen, and I coded in 5 days the Map.

Then I released the a Twitter Tipping Bot ( before the SodogeTip and MyDogeTip), but was more like a Tipping Jar where shibes donated Doge and then they could send commands for the bot share to an Doge Address.

Part 3: The accidental finding!

So, after the twitter tips I try to research a way to save arbitrary data on the Dogecoin Blokchain and I found the OP_RETURN field, and my initial idea was actually to save some operators like "and", "or", "if" and make a script to any shibe be able to teach an "AI" I wanted tto bring Doge to "virtual world", and wen I started to make some tests I was, OMG i think I found a ways to actually mint NFT's on the Doge Blockchain, so because I already know how to get checksum from files to prove originality I try to send one just to see if there was enough space, and i was, Yupi, let me share with all community my findings just for fun ( ). Buut I really was not hopping for nothing literally. 24 hours after I posted, I get up in the morning open my phone and I was shocked. WTF happen? I started to shake and could not belive that I did found actually something, so, so happy that some of you cannot believe it :)

Part 4: The trolls

48h after, I was really "put down" by many, many shibes, was an 180ยบ , Billy Markus, Mishaboar helped me a lot at that time. I received a lot of proposals, lots of money that I could not even imagine one day get that offer, but I could not accept because I didn't want to hurt the community, I'm not greedy and actually I wanted to help, so after some reading from some Shibes and the worries from Elon Musk about NFTs I decided to pause all until I could actually do my own research about NFTs and the impact that may cause to the Dogecoin Blockchain.

Part 5: Light in the end of the tunel!

I was contacted by some of the most imaginable people that I literally never ever thought in my life to interact and was then I saw that I did some impact, don't ask me how lol Until today I still don't believe that happen.

Part 5: Doge-on-a-stick NFT's

I always love to do silly things, and I remember SouthPark Mr Stick, and after all the hype arounf CryptoPunks I tryed to do something original and funny with Doge, so I did a collection of NFT's about it, and the First Dogecoin NFT was actually to be able to be printed on a big painting to put in any living room wall because its diferent, funny and colorful the way life should be.

Final thoughts:

What will happen?

Mint an Doge NFT on the Dogecoin BlockChain is easy, will only need a Doge Address and 1 Doge to be able to pay any fees in the process of the transaction to be validated by any dogecoin node.

First you will need the Digital Asset (image, sound, video, digitalised paper, software, anything digital) then you need to store on a descentralized environment, in Dogecoin case, using IPFS protocol. Wen sending it will automatically create a checksum that validates also that the digital asset is the original. With the IPFS checksum, DogeSeeds will ask you the name of your NFT, Type, Description, Sell Doge Price, supply quantity, royalty, Doge Address to receive payments, etc . and also there will be a extra field where you can actually write your own smarth contract in any programming language available. Then we also store on IPFS the JSON file generated by DogeSeeds and we get the checksum of the JSON file.

Now we store on the Dogecoin owner address in the OP_RETURN field the Digital Asset Checksum + the JSON Checksum (aka the NFT).

And thats it, your own NFT minted on the Dogecoin BlockChain.

To sell/transfer the NFT?

Simple! If its a sell, you click in Pay, it will generate an QR code, after payment DogeSeeds will validate and will generate a new JSON file that includes the original Doge transaction ID, the new owner transaction ID, the new owner Address, supply and doge price bought and will store also on IPFS and generate a new Checksum that will be stored on the Dogecoin BlockChain on the new owner Address.

To track Dogecoin NFTs?

Because it uses descentralized IPFS protocol now you have a descentralized data base using the JSON files generated, that anyone can track all Dogecoin NFTs, ownership history and also copy/use the same database side by side using only one BlockChain, the Dogecoin..

NFT's before my finding in 2021, where not NFT's because you could never prove that the digital asset (example an image) was original. Companies like OpenSea, Rarible, Mintable, rarely stored the original asset, and also wen stored was not in a decentralized way. if we checked the checksum of the asset, was never the original, so you mint the NFT but you didn't received the original asset of your NFT.

A NFT is only an receipt where it proves it is yours, its original, and its stored on a Blockchain in this case on the Dogecoin Blockchain. NFT is not an image or a video or a music, its just a "ticket" that allows you to prove something its yours, and like everything else in the world, an image, video or sound can be copy or replicated, but there are always ways to find who is the original owner, in this case the Dogecoin NFT can prove who is the original owner always!